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Does God Hate?

Proverbs 6:16  These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him:

Your character, who you truly are as a person, is revealed by your love and by your hatred. Who and what you love says a lot about you as a person. However, the other side of the balance is also true. Your character is equally formed and revealed by those things which you hate as well. True deep love will always be mirrored by an accompanying hatred for anything which defiles the object of their love. If you are a lover of the beauty of nature, you will naturally hate the smog from a nearby city that despoils the scenery you enjoy. A husband will hate the disease that sickens his beloved wife.

In this passage, Solomon gives us a glimpse into the character of God. We often describe Him as a God of love and He truly is… in fact, John says, “God IS love.” However, that is only one side of His character. Because He is a God of love, there are things that He hates. Specifically, He hates that which defiles the object of His love… You and me. We often hear the expression, “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.” I would revise that statement slightly… “God hates the sin BECAUSE He loves the sinner.”

God’s hatred is simply the fruit of His love. We don’t read much in scripture about the things God hates, but when we do, it should grab out attention. If God hates something, remember the reason He hates it… because He loves you! Take a moment to read the verses following the text above (vs. 17-19) and you see that the things God hates are those which defile you in your own body and those which defile others through your actions.

God IS a God of love and, because of that love, there are things that God hates. We would do well to discover the heart of God and learn to not only love that which he loves, but to hate that which he hates as well. In doing both, we come closer to emulating the character of our Heavenly Father and become more like Him day by day.

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