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COVID-19 Update

Church Family,
With decreasing infection numbers in our city and county, along with a loosening of restrictions at the local and statewide level, we are excited to move closer to “normal” church gatherings.
At this time, we are no longer requiring masks to attend services. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask in public gatherings, then we strongly encourage you to continue doing so, but those who do not wish to do so are welcome to attend as well. Please be respectful of each other’s choices and opinions.
We are also very excited to welcome back our families with children. As of Sunday, October 4th, we are allowing children back into our church services. We will be reopening our nursery and classes for children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our teachers and nursery attendants will be wearing masks and socially distancing the children where possible. In addition, we will be sanitizing the nursery and classrooms and providing separate classroom supplies for each child. If you are not yet comfortable with placing your children in a classroom, they are welcome to stay with you in the adult service.
We will be adding additional seating in the main sanctuary to accommodate larger groups, especially on Sunday mornings. While we are still going to keep extra spacing between rows, we will not be able to maintain the 6′ of spacing recommended by the CDC. Please be considerate of those around you and respect spacing where possible. As always, if you are sick or have any symptoms, including a fever or cough, please stay home and participate in our services online.
It is our desire to see most of you back in corporate worship together. Our church family has been limited in gathering together for nearly half a year and we realize that many of you are hungry for fellowship and relationship. At the same time, if you have health issues that make you vulnerable to infection, please prayerfully consider how to proceed. If you are trying to avoid larger crowds such as we see on Sunday mornings, perhaps you could attend the Wednesday or Saturday evening services, which are significantly smaller.
Above all, we encourage you to walk in faith, not fear. Walk in wisdom as you seek to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church. God bless you all and see you in church!
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  1. Maria Nguyen says:

    Hi I have an auto ammuine disease. I am going to start attending online. I really would like to be involved. I miss serving in the church. Which I still feel the need to be serving in some way possible.I ha

    I need to grow more with Christ. But need to be as safe as possible. I feel like I need to serve. Thank you for your time. Maria Nguyen 😇


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