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Prayer Vigil

Join us on Friday, April 3rd for 24 hours of prayer.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like, but keep them brief. The Lord knows the details... we don't need to!

Susan Gay Olvera

Pray for Albert's safety and his health and for my finances as it stands now I do not have enough income per month to cover basic expenses. I am attempting to find work that I can do from home to help with my expenses. Pray for My son Brandon as he is a parametric in Vegas. Give him the wisdom to stay safe and give him the inspiration and the words as he meets with all the representatives with the city and state to solve the issues they are dealing with.

Received: March 29, 2020

Shereese Clark

I need god to bless me with with money to pay my bills and my rent

Received: March 28, 2020


Pray for all those how are sick and broken hearted. For our children and families who are not saved. That they can embrace the word and love of God in their hearts. For our Nation and our military who are currently serving and their families. For our church family and our community. May the Lord have mercy and grace for us all. In Jesus name I pray.

Received: March 26, 2020

Pastor Chuck

Pray for the countries that were more caught of guard than the USA and were more quickly infected and affected.

Received: March 26, 2020

Mike Kern

Lord, protect our church family and keep them healthy.

Received: March 26, 2020

Mike Kern

Pray for our governments at all levels... city, county, state, federal... as they try to cope with this ongoing pandemic. They need wisdom and direction.

Received: March 26, 2020

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