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Genesis: In the beginning. . .

Steps to a Fresh Experience with God, Pt. 1

Genesis 17:1-8

Step 1: Receiving a fresh revelation from God (vs. 1)

Step 2: Making a new commitment (vs. 1-2)

Step 3: Humbling yourself before God and listening to God (vs. 3-5)

Step 4: Hearing and believing God (vs. 6-8)

Next Week

Step 5: Keeping the covenant and its meaning in your mind (vs. 9-14)

Step 6: Changing the relationship to your family (vs. 15-18)

Step 7: Accepting the will and purpose of God (vs. 19-21)

Step 8: Making a public decision and obeying God’s instructions, His Word (vs. 22-27)


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